Friday, 27 September 2013

Mini Mini Lush Haul

I love Lush as a whole; both for their company beliefs and their products. Sometimes I just go in for the smell! On with the post before I ramble too much… I took a little trip to lush just to pick up a few things. I thought I would share with you what I got :)

L-R American Cream Conditioner, Figs & Leaves, Jumping Juniper

Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar (retails at £5.50)

Scent: I'd describe this smell as being quite lemony (if that's a word), but its not an overpowering smell which is good. 

How I use it: I've used this shampoo bar before and I really enjoyed using it. I just rub the bar all over my hair and rinse, I do this twice because of habit, and then condition. It might seem a bit strange at first to rub, what feels like a soap bar on your head, but I actually prefer it compared to liquid shampoos. Just a note though I left mine in a plastic container, a bit of water was also in the bottom of the container which ended up melting the shampoo bar. Please don't do what I did :(

Pros: Lathers well, lovely non offensive lemon scent.

Cons: The scent doesn't last long on your hair, it is also a bit awkward to store as it will melt if left in the wrong place.

American Cream Conditioner 250g (retails at £8.95)

Scent: Lush describes the scent as strawberry vanilla milkshake and it really does smell like this. I just love love love this scent. I buy this conditioner just for the smell, as a conditioner I don't particularly like it but i repurchase this time and time again because of the scent. If you haven't smelt this yet, just go to your nearest lush and smell it!

How I use it: After shampooing I put this conditioner on and leave it for about 5 minutes before rinsing. I don't particularly like the consistency of this though, I feel it's a bit too watery so my bottle always gets used quickly because I put so much on. I also add a bit of another condition (one a bit more moisturising and with a thicker consistency) because American Cream isn't a very good detangler and combing my hair after washing is just so darn painful :(.

Pros: The smell is just heavenly

Cons: Watery consistency, doesn't detangle my hair, I have to use a lot of product.

Figs and Leaves Soap (100g retails at £3.40)

Scent: To me this smells a bit of coconut, which I like. I think it's coconut (I'm really bad at describing scents).
I haven't used this yet but you would use it just the same as any soap. Rub on skin and rinse :P 
Lush say that this is a good soap for exfoliating which is the reason I got it, so hopefully it does just that. They also say it's gentle enough for using it on your face, which makes it a good multipurpose product.

Comment below on your favourite Lush products :)

   As always, thanks for reading!
        Michelle xx

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