Friday, 4 October 2013

DIY Wallpaper Picture

This is a great little idea for someone who is renting and can’t wallpaper (like me) or just doesn't know how to wallpaper (also like me), this is great DIY inspiration to use on a blank wall.

1. Choose a wallpaper that you like and that will match the colour theme in your room. I choose a lilac shade with a a pretty Toile de Jouy pattern on. I got mine off and just bought a ‘mill length’ sample which is a fraction of the price of a full roll (they send you approximately 6 ft of wallpaper).
2. Get some frames. You can choose a few smaller frames or two large ones like I did. It’s completely up to you. Mine are from Ikea and are from the Ribba series.
3. The next step is to cut the wallpaper into the same size and shape as your frame. I used the back of the frame (the bit you take out to put the picture in) as a guide to the right size. Then just cut it out, pop the wallpaper in and hang it as you like. I decided to keep the border that came with the frame in, just because I preferred it.

This is a really quick idea for making a plain wall look nice. I haven’t hung mine yet but I’m planning to hang them above my bed.

Would you try this idea?

Thanks for reading!
Michelle xx


  1. This is so cute!
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    1. Thanks! I'll follow you on bloglovin. Hope you do the same :)