Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sigma Dupes?: Bargain eBay Brushes

I recently bought some new brushes after seeing some YouTubers rave about these particular brushes. They’re meant to be dupes for the Sigma brushes but for a fraction of the price. The set I bought for £10.26, yes £10.26, came with 8 brushes (4 large brushes for the face and 4 small brushes for eyeshadow or contouring). 

 The first thing I want to mention about these brushes is the quality; the bristles are so so soft, they feel much more expensive than they are and the handle is also very sturdy and expensive feeling. I don’t actually own any of the Sigma brushes so can’t compare them but I honestly don’t think they could be much better than these (other than a brand name on the side of the brush). 

These brushes are available in a set of 4 (4 large brushes OR 4 small brushes), a set of 8 (4 large brushes AND 4 small brushes), and a set of 10 (5 large brushes AND 5 small brushes). I just got the set of 8 because I really didn’t think I needed the extra 2 brushes. The one thing I will say about these brushes though is when they got delivered (which was extremely quick from China) there was a strong chemically scent, so definitely give them a wash before using them. 

If your in the market for new brushes I’d highly recommend these brushes for the high quality and bargain price. You can buy them here on eBay and it's free p&p!

Have you tried these brushes? What are your bargain brushes?

Thanks for reading!
Michelle xx


  1. Great post! Its always good when you get something you like off ebay.

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

    1. Thanks Rachael. There is some brilliant bargains on eBay isn't there xx

  2. I also wrote a review of these brushes!
    I got the 10 brushes set and really loving it as well :)