Friday, 11 October 2013

Top 10 Under £10

These are my top 10 products which are all under £10...

Batiste Dry Shampoo (£2.99 Boots)
This is my favourite of the bunch of dry shampoos available, because it’s cheap at £2.99 and it does a good job at reviving my hair that needs washing. The scent I like is blush, just because I quite like that floral smell.

American Cream Conditioner (£8.95/250g Lush)
I mentioned this product in a recent Lush haul, so if you would like a longer review on this click here. I really like the scent of this conditioner, I also like Lush products because they don’t contain all the nasties that other beauty products contain.  However, I do feel like I have to use a lot of this conditioner to feel the benefit, but the pros for me (e.g. the scent) out weigh the cons. 

17 Miracle Matte Face Powder (£5.49 Boots)
I like this powder as I it keeps my face matte most of the day, not all of the day but I’m quite used to that. I usually have to powder my face once or twice throughout the day. I also like the fact it is an inexpensive product which lasts a long time.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo (£4.99 Boots)
I have two shades in this the pomegranate one and this one which is my favourite; it is the colour ‘on and on bronze’. I usually put this on and then apply a bronze eyeshadow over the top. It keeps my eyeshadow on a lot longer without creasing and really makes the colour pop. I’m nearly all out of this so I will have to buy another very soon!

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24hr in Black (£7.99 Boots)
I have had this for well over a year and I have still got lots of product left in the jar which hasn't dried up at all. I hear people talk about gel eyeliners and the fact they dry up, but this isn’t something I’ve experienced with this eyeliner, which is great. I use this with a Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush which I wet beforehand (to make the hair strands stick together giving a more precise line).

MUA Trio Pallette in Innocence (£2.50 Superdrug)
This is an eyeshadow I use when I want to do a quick eyeshadow routine. I use the lightest shade on the inner corner of my eye and on my brow bone, the bronze shade all over my lid, and the darkest colour in my crease. I was so impressed when I got this as it was only £2.50, but the pigmentation is brilliant and the colours look so pretty, especially the darkest shade which kind of has a two tone effect.

ELF Powder Brush (£3.75 
This is just a good brush to apply foundation, face powder or bronzer. The brush is super soft, it’s just a good all-rounder face brush.

Natural Collection Lipstick in Cherry Red (£1.99 Boots)
The colour pay off of this lipstick is excellent considering it is only £1.99, it’s a deep red colour that is perfect for Autumn. The packaging is quite cheap but I couldn’t complain for the price and the product itself is very good.

Collection Concealer in Fair 1 (£3.99 Boots)
I did a whole blog post on my favourite concealers and this was one of them. Its a really good concealer for under the eyes, as it isn’t thick so it won’t crease but it covers my under eye circles. I have repurchased this for about a year now, really good concealer. Click here to read my full review.

Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara in Black Waterproof (£7.99 Boots)
I have tried loads of mascaras in my make up wearing years and I always think Maybelline do the best. So when I seen this one I thought I’d give it a go. I like the waterproof as it keeps my eyelashes curled all day. I will be doing a post on my mascara routine soon, as I think I have found a good routine finally!

What’s your favourite under £10 product?

Thanks for reading!
Michelle xx 


  1. Have you tried the dry shampoo from superdrug? It's really good, I find it doesn't make my hair as 'powdery' looking if that make sense. I picked up three bottles a while back and the summer breeze is amazing. Pretty sure it was only 99p too.
    Nice post though, I love getting some bargain buys that work.

    1. I haven't tried Superdrug's own dry shampoo. I will definitely give it a go though for 99p! Thanks :) xx