Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My New Found Favourite Nail Polish

So last week sometime I put up a Boots haul and one of the products I bought was a nail polish. I had found a brand which sold nail polishes for £1.99 and I bought two of them, a pink one and a cranberry type colour. I wasn't expecting much from them as they were only cheap, but I have since tried the pink which is in the shade 24/7 and I've pictured it below.

The picture actually doesn't show how bright this pink is. It's coming off more baby pink rather than the neon that it is. I was actually so impressed with this that I thought I'd put it in a post.

The colour isn't opaque as I'd like but I found 3 coats of it gave me the opaque effect I wanted. It also dries matte, so if that's a look you like this is a good one for that, if not just a top coat would solve the issue. 

All in all this colour is amazing, its such a nice pop of pink (I know it's more of a summer colour, but hey who cares). If you get chance to look at the Sinful Colours range in Boots definitely do because they have such an array of shades and colours to choose from. Really really love these!

Have you tried any from this brand?

Thanks for reading!
Michelle xx


  1. Great post! 24/7 is such a pretty shade! I'm still wearing all of my neon summer shades :-) Cheers me up on these dull cold days :-) x check out your poundland as I've found sinful colours selling in there also :-) and OPI and Revlon :-) bargain for £1!

  2. What a beautiful color! Amazing for the summer! :)