Saturday, 5 October 2013

Oily Skin Problems! Review: Dr Hauschka's Normalising Day Oil

For me oily skin is a big problem, I spend every bathroom visit blotting my face and putting on more powder. I really wanted to try a skincare product that really addressed the problem, rather than just masking it. I read a lot of information about oils to use for this; it may sound strange to put oil on an oily face, but the science behind it is to normalise the oil production by essentially ‘kidding’ the skin into thinking it doesn’t need to produce oil = shiny free skin!

I tried Dr Hauschka’s Normalising Day Oil, which is aimed to reduce oil production and refine open pores, it also says you can mix it with your day cream.

I first tried this as the instructions said (of a morning) but when I applied my makeup I just felt it didn't sit right on my skin and within a few hours my face was shiny (defeats the object really!) So I tried using this of a night instead before putting on a moisturiser, 2-3 drops where enough for my t-zone. 
On to what I think of it... It was ok, not bad but not great either. I liked the fact I was giving my face a massage every night with a nice smelling oil, but as far as its claims to reduce oil production, I honestly don’t believe it helped much at all. I will finish using the product just because it wasn’t what I would call ‘cheap’ (£25 for 30ml), but for the amount of oil you use at a time the bottle will last a long time. I’ve had mine for about 7-8 months and I’m only just half way through the bottle. 
After I’ve used this though I will not be repurchasing and will be officially back on the hunt for an oil that really works. If you want to give it a whirl you can purchase it here 

Have you tried any oil repellant products? (Oh yes, I really do want to repel ALL oil ;P)

Thanks for reading!
Michelle xx

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